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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Eagle, STEM and NOVA Award MBU - 1st Annual
Location 700 N Coleman Street, Prosper, TX 75078  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
9/29/2018 8:00 AM 9/29/2018 5:00 PM
Open for Registration Last day to Register
7/2/2018   9/15/2018
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $30.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Circle Ten Iron Horse Troop 365

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still ahve questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mr Mike Gibson (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
American Heritage AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre-work - 3c102019 - TBD -
Animal Science AM (8AM-12PM) Post Work - 6 Beef (a) or Horse (d)102017 Robert Nist
Archaeology PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 5; Post Work - 8c102020 - TBD -
Camping* PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 4a, 7b, 8c; Post Work 4b, 5e, 8d, 9a-c102019 Mr Beau Jennings
Camping* AM (8AM-12PM) Pre Work - 4a, 7b, 8c; Post Work 4b, 5e, 8d, 9a-c102019 Mr Beau Jennings
Chemistry AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre-Work - 3 (Work in Progress)102019 Jane Davis 2001
Chess PM (1PM-5PM) Complete In Class102017 Andy Stephenson
Citizenship in the Nation* AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 2 a,b or c, 3, 610206 Mr John Keeler
Citizenship in the Nation* PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 2 a,b or c, 3, 6102015 Mr John Keeler
Citizenship in the World* PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3b10209 Mr Andy Cartwright
Citizenship in the World* AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3b102018 Mr Andy Cartwright
Communication* AM (8AM-12PM) Pre Work - 3, 4; Post Work - 5102015 - TBD -
Communication* PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 3, 4; Post Work - 5102018 - TBD -
Composite Materials PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 4b102017 Robert Nist
Cooking* AM (8AM-12PM) Post Work - 4 a-e, 6 a-f10$102014 Mrs Lori Puckett
Cooking* PM (1PM-5PM) Post Work - 4 a-e, 6 a-f10$102018 Mrs Lori Puckett
Cycling* PM (1PM-5PM) Must Bring Bicycle and Helmet, Post Work - 7102020 - TBD -
Cycling* AM (8AM-12PM) Must Bring Bicycle and Helmet, Post Work - 7102019 - TBD -
Digital Technology PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 1, 5b/c, 6a-c, 8a/c, 9a102020 Mr S. Terry Battersby
Emergency Preparedness* AM (8AM-12PM) Pre Work 1; Post Work - 2c, 7a/b102018 - TBD -
Emergency Preparedness* PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work 1; Post Work - 2c, 7a/b102017 - TBD -
Engineering PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3, 9102017 - TBD -
Engineering AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3, 9102016 - TBD -
Environmental Science* PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3e1102014 - TBD -
Environmental Science* AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 3e1102016 - TBD -
First Aid* AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work 1, 2a-c, 5 (Bring to Class)102017 Janell Plana
First Aid* PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work 1, 2a-c, 5 (Bring to Class)102020 Janell Plana
Game Design PM (1PM-5PM) Complete in Class102015 Mr Mike Gibson
Medicine AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 7a, 10 - may be Post Work102018 Amy Perry
Medicine PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 7a, 10 - may be Post Work102017 Amy Perry
Personal Fitness* PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 1a/b - Bring Health Forms, Post 7, 8102013 Mr Cory Cuevas
Personal Fitness* AM (8AM-12PM) Pre Work - 1a/b - Bring Health Forms, Post 7, 8102017 Mr Cory Cuevas
Personal Management* AM (8AM-12PM) Pre Work - 1a-c, 8a-d, 10a-b; Post Work - 2a-b102016 - TBD -
Personal Management* PM (1PM-5PM) Pre Work - 1a-c, 8a-d, 10a-b; Post Work - 2a-b102014 - TBD -
Photography AM (8AM-12PM) Complete in Class, Must Bring Camera or Smartphone102018 - TBD -
Programming AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 1a Bring Cyber Chip to Class10$52020 - TBD -
Programming PM (1PM-5PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 1a Bring Cyber Chip to Class10$52020 - TBD -
Public Speaking AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 2 & 4 to Present in Class102018 - TBD -
Robotics PM (1PM-5PM) Complete in Class10$102016 - TBD -
Robotics AM (8AM-12PM) Complete in Class10$102018 - TBD -
Signs, Signals, and Codes PM (1PM-5PM) Complete in Class102016 - TBD -
Soil and Water Conservation PM (1PM-5PM) Complete in Class102017 Jane Davis 2001
STEM/NOVA - Shoot! AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 2 or Robotics in PM102019 Mr Mike Gibson
STEM/NOVA - Whoosh! AM (8AM-12PM) Comp. w/Pre Work-2 or Eng, Robotic, Comp Mat PM102017 Andy Stephenson
STEM/NOVA – Let it Grow! AM (8AM-12PM) Complete w/Pre Work - 2 or Soil/Water in PM102019 - TBD -
Veterinary Medicine PM (1PM-5PM) Complete in Class102017 - TBD -
Veterinary Medicine AM (8AM-12PM) Complete in Class102017 - TBD -
Sponsor Information
This MBU is focused on 2 things - Eagle Merit Badges and STEM related Merit Badges toward the NOVA awards.  Troop 365 is hosting their First Annual Eagle, STEM, and NOVA award MBU.  Troop 365 is a Prosper, TX Troop with a STEM focus. 

Our Approach to Pre and Post Work - If Pre or Post work is completed prior to the event and proof brought to the event we will ensure the sign off paperwork provided at the end includes those sign offs.  All Counselors will ask if each session/class has finished and brought any Pre/Post work to class - but it remains the scouts responsibility to engage the Merit Badge Counselor to ensure the proper signs offs are documented.

Some Class Highlights

  • All of our Counselors are YPT compliant, and trained in their respective areas and excited to ensure your Boy Scout will have hands on and an interactive experience. 

  • Ability to earn a Nova Star Award if the merit badge requirement #2 is fufilled prior to event or during PM session

  • Communication will be taught by someone who works for Boy's Life Magazine

  • Photography will be taught by a photographer who has worked for Boy's Life Magazine

  • Emergency Preparedness taught by local Firefighter

  • Medicine and First Aid taught by local Nurses

  • Veterinarian Medicine taught by licensed Veterinarian

  • Engineering taught by engineer in the Mining business including drill components in Diamond mines

  • Programming will work with Raspberry Pi Zeroes and will focus on the following programming languages: Scratch, Python, and C

Counselor Information
Unit Sign-up Instructions
If you would like to sign up your unit - please select individual classes through this website so headcount and available seats are accounted for.  For Unit payments as a whole as an option - please email Mike Gibson at so we can track your troop and provide a total cost.

Cancellation Policy - If canceled by 15 September full refund.  If after 15 Setpember no refunds.  We expect some classes to be on a waiting list - if we can open the spot you reserved for your scout before registration closes then we will honor any refund request.  After the 15 of September our conselors will be locking down materials based on registration and we will have potentially turned away scouts for a seat you had reserved.
Payment Instructions for the Unit
Individuals - Payment through site

Troops - Payment through site or contact Mike Gibson at to coordinate a total Troop payment.
Directions to the Event
Release Information
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