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Quapaw Area Council, Merit Badge University

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Merit Badge
0 (# badges a single scout can attend)
$10.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)
Quapaw Area

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email James Britt DVM (jobritt@sbcglobal.net), the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionClass FeeSeats Available
American Heritage PM 0 16
Animal Science AM 0 16
Archaeology All Day 0 16
Architecture All Day 0 6
Art PM 0 10
Astronomy AM 0 16
Automotive Maintenance AM 0 19
Automotive Maintenance PM 0 20
Aviation All Day 0 30
Bird Study   0 12
BSA Scuba BSA All Day 0 12
Camping* All Day 0 16
Canoeing All Day 0 8
Chemistry All Day 0 12
Chess All Day 0 8
Citizenship in the Nation* All Day 0 90
Citizenship in the World* All Day 0 41
Coin Collecting AM 0 0
Collections PM 0 12
Communication* AM 0 20
Communication* PM 0 20
Cooking* wait list 0 20
Cooking* PM 0 20
Cooking* All Day 0 32
Crime Prevention AM 0 20
Crime Prevention PM 0 20
Cycling* All Day 0 8
Dentistry AM 0 0
Digital Technology All Day 0 12
Disabilities Awareness PM 0 12
Dog Care PM 0 12
Dog Care AM 0 12
Electricity AM 0 20
Electricity PM 0 21
Electronics AM 0 10
Electronics PM 0 10
Emergency Preparedness* All Day 0 24
Engineering AM 0 16
Engineering PM 0 16
Environmental Science* AM 0 10
Environmental Science* PM 0 10
Fingerprinting AM 0 0
Fingerprinting PM 0 0
Fire Safety AM 0 16
Fire Safety PM 0 16
First Aid* PM 0 20
First Aid* AM 0 20
Forestry AM 0 12
Genealogy AM 0 0
Geocaching All Day 0 10
Geology AM 0 0
Graphic Arts   0 0
Indian Lore PM 0 8
Indian Lore AM 0 8
Journalism PM 0 0
Law AM 0 16
Medicine AM 0 20
Metalwork 2 days 0 3
Metalwork wait list 0 2
Mining in Society AM 0 14
Music AM 0 16
Music PM 0 16
Nuclear Science All Day 0 16
Oceanography PM 0 16
Painting PM 0 12
Painting AM 0 12
Personal Fitness* AM 0 17
Personal Fitness* PM 0 17
Personal Management* All Day 0 20
Photography AM 0 14
Photography PM 0 14
Pottery PM 0 10
Programming PM 0 8
Programming AM 0 8
Public Health AM 0 0
Public Speaking AM 0 8
Pulp and Paper AM 0 0
Radio AM 0 20
Railroading PM 0 12
Reading PM 0 12
Reading AM 0 12
Reptile and Amphibian Study   0 16
Robotics All Day 0 0
Salesmanship PM 0 12
Scuba Diving 0 0
Sculpture PM 0 10
Space Exploration All Day 0 0
Sports AM 0 16
Surveying AM 0 15
Sustainability* AM 0 16
Theater PM 0 12
Theater   0 100
Traffic Safety AM 0 16
Truck Transportation PM 0 16
Veterinary Medicine PM 0 15
Weather AM 0 16
Weather PM 0 16
Welding All Day 0 15
Woodwork All Day 0 15
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Sponsor Information

Class locations and maps will be available at the Facebook page.

Facebook for updates:Merit Badge University Quapaw Area Council 2022


Registration is April 11, 5:00 pm - May 2, 2022, 10:00 pm. Please have ONE adult register each Scout in your unit. A 2nd adult needs to be linked to your troop. The payment of $7 per Scout (adults are free) goes to the Council office by 3:00 pm, May 3, 2022 or registrations will be dropped. Please submit your troop roster with payment so the office knows which Scouts are included. 

Council office: 501-664-4780

Scout Shop: 501-663-7157


Event Description

 (Updates soon for UALR) Packet pickup for the troops will begin at the east side of the Capitol, 7:30 a.m. Flag ceremony will be at 8:20 a.m. Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with some leeway for classes that are all day and farther away. Scouts in all day classes should bring a bag lunch.

   Registration Mechanics: be sure that the event has been opened and that you have toggled down and selected the correct event. The event password and other information will be emailed to all QAC units and will be furnished to others by request. You must select a troop adult before adding Scouts and the Scout must be old enough for the class.

Call the QAC office at 501-664-4780 X225 to call in your payment of $7 per Scout. One payment per troop PLEASE, if possible. Mail: Quapaw Area Council, BSA, 3220 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72202. Please email or fax a copy of your class roster with the number of Scouts/money due to Scout office also...Kimb@quapawbsa.org  .or fax 501-664-5454.

Council office: 501-664-4780

Scout Shop: 501-663-7157


Astronomy -- a list of star parties to complete the m.b. will be given at the class and those before the class will be emailed to those who have pre-registered up to that date.

Cit. in Community --NOT OFFERED in 2019 due to too many out of class requirements

Cooking -- This is September 28, 2019, Pulaski Tech Culinary Arts Institute. Cooking more meals at home or on campouts will be needed. These meals can not be used for rank advancement, so this m.b. is best suited to Scout finishing First Class and above. We also have a class May 11 also to cover nutrition/health/food safety.

Cycling -- must have operating mt. or road bike with tires pumped up. Helmet and water bottle required. Cycling gloves optional

Digital Technology -- earn Cyber Chip on your own (see scouting.org)

Emergency Prep. -- Bring a lunch.  THIS CLASS IS WED., Aug 7, 2019

Graphic Arts -- TBA

Reading -- must read or have read 6 books and give info and short synopsis to counselor. Do 4 hours of service outside of the class.

Sports -- must be in 2 team sports of 4 months each

M=Morning, A=Afternoon

A American Heritage Old Statehouse Museum, 300 W. Markham, LR
M Animal Science Cattlemen's Assoc., 310 Executive Court off of Markham, just east of I-430
AD Architecture WER Architects, 901 W. 3rd St., Bring lunch
M Astronomy Pulaski Heights UMC, 4823 Woodlawn, LR
M, A Auto Maintenance 3315 J.E. Davis, off of Scott Hamilton. just south of I-30, LR
AD Aviation North Little Rock Airport, 204 Aviation Way, NLR (off of Remount north on Camp Robinson Road)
A Camping Pulaski Hts. UMC,
AD Chemistry UALR, 2801 S. University, LR, SCLB 250 Bring lunch
AD Chess Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan at "H" St., east of University Ave.,

Room B (finish at 2:00pm) Bring lunch
AD Citizenship in the Nation  Clinton Library, 1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock. Bring lunch. A troop adult must pick up the Scouts by 3:00 to 3:30 PM
AD Citizenship in the World Capitol, Rooms 138 and 149
M Coin Collecting St. Paul UMC, 2223 Durwood Road, LR
M, A Communication Pulaski Hts., UMC, 4823 Woodlawn, LR, (Lee west of Kavanaugh)
AD Cooking Sept., 28, 2019. U.A. Pulaski Tech Culinary Institute, 13000 I-30, LR 72210 (exit for Bass Pro Shop and Outlet Mall off of I-430)
A Cooking Pulaski Hts. UMC, 4823 Woodlawn, LR (Lee St. west of Kavanaugh) (Diet and Safety portions)
M, A Crime Prevention Capitol, Room 272
AD Cycling Firehouse Hostel, 1201 S. Commerce St. (by Arts Center),LR
AD Digital Technology Main Library, Rock St., 1 block south of President Clinton, 3rd Floor Computer Room. Library does not open until 9:00 am. Must complete Cyber Chip on your own.

A Disability Awareness Capitol, Room 130
M, A Dog Care Must have a dog but don’t bring it. SW side of Capitol (picnic area)
M, A Electricity Federal Bldg.
M, A Electronics Capitol, Cafe on 3rd Floor
AD Emergency Preparedness August 7 (Wed) County Command Center, 3200 Brown Street, (off Roosevelt Rd) LR
M, A Engineering Federal Bldg.
M, A Environmental Science Federal Bldg., 700 W. Capitol Ave., LR, Room 4509
M, A Fingerprinting

With Crime Prevention

M, A Fire Safety Fire Training Facility, 7000 Murray Street, LR
M, A First Aid Catholic High, 6300 Father Tribou St. (Lee at University Ave.) LR

Genealogy, not in 2019 Ark. Studies, Butler Bldg., 100 Rock St. at Pres. Clinton, LR, Room 110 LR, Do family tree, bring a marriage, death, or birth certif. copy. Cell phone helpful to call a family member for more family info during the class.
M Geology (see Mining) UALR Science Lab Bldg., Room 162
M, A Graphic Arts  Not offered for 2019
A Journalism  (Newspaper) Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, enter on 5th Street at Scott, LR
M Medicine / Public Health Main Library, 100 Rock St. (River Market district), Fribourgh Room, 1st Floor.

Does not open until 9:00 am
AD Metalwork May 4-5 (2 days) (Blacksmithing), bring eyeglasses or protection, jeans, long sleeve shirt..  22622 Wilson St., Mabelvale 72103; this is a 2-day class for age 13 and up.
M Mining in Society UARL Science Lab, Room 162
M, A Music Capitol, Room 171
AD Nuclear Science Williams Library, S. Chester at 17th St., LR
A Oceanography UALR Science Lab Bldg, Room 160
M, A Painting Bring old shirt. 3315 J.E. Davis, LR, off of Scott Hamilton
M, A Personal Fitness Jim Dailey Fitness Center, 300 S. Scott, LR (near Zoo)
M Personal Management Fletcher Library, 823 N. Buchanan St., LR at "H," east of University Ave.
A Personal Management Butler Bldg./Ark. Studies Institute, President Clinton Ave. at Rock St., LR

(River Market), Room 124
M, A Photography Capitol, Governor’s Conference Room
M Plumbing (Combined with Welding)
M, A Programming Capitol, Room 207
M Public Speaking Capitol, Old Supreme Court
M, A Pulp and Paper NOT OFFERED IN 2019 
M Radio South side of Big Mac Bldg, under overhang, west of the Capitol
A Railroading Heritage Center, 506 Main Street (Argenta), NLR
M, A Reading Sue Cowan Williams Library, 1800 S. Chester at 16-17th St., LR
M    Reptile and Amphibian Study NOT IN 2019 Hillary Clinton Children's Library, 4800 W. 10th St. , LR (just south of I-630 from Zoo)
AD Scuba (patch) Rick's Dive Shop, 2323 N. Poplar St., NLR 72114, NLR

Bring signed waiver and Scuba Health Form. Must be Swimmer level.
AD Search and Rescue Not offered in 2019. MUST BE FIRST CLASS, HAVE 1st AID M.B., and bring ICS 100.b completion certificate (free on line FEMA course).
AD Space Exploration Not offered in 2019 UALR,

2801 South University Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72204
M Sports War Memorial Stadium (Gate 7, 2nd floor pressbox), 1 Stadium Way (W. Markham at Fair Park Blvd.), LR
M Surveying NE side of Capitol lawn
M Sustainability Dunbar Community Garden, 1800 S. Chester, LR at about 16-17 St.
A Theater Capitol, Old Supreme Court
A Truck Transportation Ben E. Keith, 1 Ben E Keith Way, NLR (Hwy 70 at I-440)
A Veterinary Medicine Westrock Veterinary Hospital, 14104 Taylor Loop Road at Cantrell (Hwy. 10)
M, A Weather Ark Game and Fish Nature Center in River Market, 602 Pres. Clinton Ave., downtown
M (change from AD) Welding (Will do Plumbing also) Pipe Trades Training Center, 4503 Hoffman Road, LR Bring lunch
AD Woodwork Counts Massie Road, north off of Maumelle Blvd., NLR bring lunch or McDonalds’s nearby



Counselor Information

   Have 1 or 2 adults register your Scouts. There must be at least 2 adult linked to your registration site before you can add a Scout.  Be sure that you have toggled down to the Quapaw event toward the top of the registration page. 

   I suggest putting the email address for a troop adult who will be at the event where it asks for the Scout's email, in case I need to email an entire class about a class change that day. Be sure the email is a correct one, or I can't send a mass email.

 Send your payment to Quapaw Area Council, $7 per Scout. No charge for adults. Contact Jim Britt, Dean, with questions, 501-912-1449, jobritt@sbcglobal.net


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