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If you are having trouble registering scouts, carefully read the information on the help tab.
If you send an email that does not include the information we need to help you, it wastes time and will get promptly deleted.
Test drive the new site (in progress) at New Meritbadge.Info.Leave comments at our Facebook page.

Notice!!! Meritbadge.Info will switch to the new site with BSA validation Friday morning March 13th.

If you wish to start using this site today, click here to launch

Adults must enter their BSA Number, DOB, First and Last name as it appears on their BSA ID card. We will query BSA and get back an answer. At this point one of three things can happen:
1) Your registration is verified - you can continue using normally
2) You are not registered or your registration has lapsed - your prior rights are revoked and you get the read-only screens that you see before your login
3) You are registered but your YPT has expired - your prior rights are revoked and you get the read-only screens that you see before your login

You have had at least two months to get yourself registered and complete YPT training. If you feel your validation is not working, send us an email with the four data items listed and we will validate your entry.

We have no control over what is on file at BSA. If everything matches your BSA ID card, there should be no issues. If not, your validation will fail.

Why are we doing this?
1. To provide higher security and validation of all adult users.
2. To clean up the mess we've accumulated via 15 years of poor user data entry.  

How will we do this? 

What should you do? 
Login to and copy your BSA ID Number then update your profile on  Let others in your unit know they should do the same.  We are giving you 2.5 months advanced notice to make this work.

Meritbadge.Info help files

These mini demos help you use and understand the complexities of registration system. Start here if you have questions.

If they are not answered in one or more of these tutorials and/or you have questions about events, registration, payments, removing your son, or anything related to a specific event, open the event and click the big red button to email the event manager.  Do NOT send an email to the site administrators, there is nothing we can do.

The most common issues we have seen are:

Scouter isn't fully registered and assigned to a valid unit.    You MUST be associated with a real troop.  You do NOT have to be a troop leader but you mist be registered.

There are no badges in the list.   Be sure you change the "Session" dropdown.  Many events have several sessions.  If you do this and nothing appears, the classes are full.

I cannot register scouts.   We have registered over a quarter million seats so it is unlikely a system problem. 
Try using a different browser.  Try rebooting your PC.  Try using a differeint PC.  Try a different network.  Most issues we find today are based on technology changes at the user side. 

If you have watched the help videos, tried my suggestions and still cannot get things to work, drop us a line by sending an email to

Cut and paste this and answer the questions
--- cut ---
1) COmputer Operating System version (ex: OSX 11, Windows 7, Droid 5)?
2) Browser and version (IE 11, Safari 2, Chrome 12)?
3) Event you are trying to register for?
4) Email you are using to sign in?
6) What did you do?
7) What did you See?
8) What did you expect to see?
9) Attache screen capture showing any errors?
--- cut ---

We cannot diagnose your issue from an email stating "I need to register my son for badge xxx".
If you do not send us items 1-9 above, your email will be immediately deleted.  Sorry, but we all have full-time jobs.

In order to offer for free, we both hold full-time senior management jobs, travel far too much, and cannot be on-call to help you quickly..

NOTE: MOST OF THE REGISTRATIONS PROBLEMS arise when the person registering has not signed onto a valid unit.

Unit ZERO Cannot register scouts

Watch the Update User video for instructions to correct this.


  • * ALL: Create User Show me how to setup a new user.
  • * ALL: Update User Show me how to change my unit and email address.
  • * Unit Leader: Register Unit Show me how to sign up my scouts for merit badges.
  • Unit Leader: Blue Card info Get advancement info (if available) from past events.
  • Counselor: Update Class Roster Show me how to update a class roster showing attendance and requirements completed.
  • Event Mgr: Create an Event Show me how to create my first event.
  • Event Mgr: Update classes Show me how to add/update classes for my event.
  • Event Mgr: Add Unit Payments Show me how to update payment information for units attending my event.
  • Event Mgr: Revenue Summary Show me what units have paid and what is owed for my event.

* Everyone should watch these. They are the key to the registration system.

Some of you who believe you are entitled to tell us how they are frustrated using our free system should realize over a quarter million activities have been successfully registered using our system because they took the time to read the instructions. is designed for unit merit badge coordinators to register dozens of scouts at a time.  We never designed this site to make it easy for a parent to sign up their scout because that potentially violates BSA policies.  BSA policy states it is the Scout's responsiibility to get permission from the Scoutmaster prior to taking a merit badge from a specific counselor. You can review this in the Guide to Advancement. section

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