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Event Details

MBU at University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA 52245

Merit Badge
1 (# badges a single scout can attend)
$0.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Ms John Woodward (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionClass FeeSeats Available
Art All Day 10 3
Aviation All Day 10 6
BOS Scoutbook Training for Boy Scout Troops Afternoon Session 0 24
BOS Scoutbook Training for Boy Scout Troops Morning Session 0 21
Chemistry Morning Session 10 2
Chemistry Afternoon Session 10 5
Chess All Day 10 14
Citizenship in the Nation* All Day 10 1
Citizenship in the Nation* All Day 10 14
Citizenship in the Nation* All Day 10 25
Citizenship in the World* All Day 10 0
Citizenship in the World* All Day 10 0
Citizenship in the World* All Day 10 17
Digital Technology Afternoon Session 10 7
Digital Technology Morning Session 10 10
Energy Afternoon Session 10 14
Energy Morning Session 10 15
Engineering All Day 10 8
Fingerprinting Afternoon Session 10 9
Fingerprinting Morning Session 10 8
First Aid* All Day 10 0
Law All Day 10 19
Music All Day 10 19
Personal Management* All Day 10 2
Radio All Day 10 21
Search and Rescue Morning Session 10 13
Search and Rescue Afternoon Session 10 8
Space Exploration All Day 10 14
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Sponsor Information

Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded in 1925 on the principles of Scouting. Keeping with our Scouting heritage and spirit of service, the chapter hosts youth achievement days every year. We hope to continue these traditions and bring more university resources together. At each of our workshops, boys and girls will try  and complete as many requirements for their badge of choice as possible during the allotted time, while still giving each requirement the time it deserves.

Event Description

A brother of Alpha Phi Omega or a Merit Badge Counselor will be teaching each badge. APO will also be providing the blue cards for each workshop. Merit Badge University will be held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022 on the University of Iowa campus.

Registration Fee is $10.00 per Scout per class the deadline to register will be February 19th. Therefor if a student takes a whole day class the cost would be $10. Sessions are marked on the event as all day, morning, and afternoon. 

The schedule for the day is as follows:  

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Registration (Macbride Hall)

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Scout Classes 

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch**

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Scout Classes


Macbride Hall - Registration and Home Base for the Event

Schaffer Hall - Additional Classrooms for Workshops

Jessup Hall - Additional Classrooms for Workshops

**Please Note: Scouts are responsible for lunch on their own, and will be released directly from class. Please make appropriate arrangements for meeting as a troop in advance. The Iowa Memorial Union building, Old Capitol Mall, downtown, and outside will be available to sit and eat if your troop choses to bring lunch, but there is to be no food or drink in the University buildings.

Counselor Information

Unit Sign-up Instructions

To sign up for our event you first need to click on enter registration system, by clicking on that a new page will appear that will show all the events that are available. In the upper right hand of the new page their is the option to register new users. If you are new to the website you must sign up as a troop leader, in order to register your scouts. Once you are registered in the system you can sign up for the event. The event is entitled MBU at University of Iowa. If changes need to be made in registration numbers, please contact me immediately, but changes cannot be guaranteed due to the sheer number of Scouts. 

Unit Payment Instructions

Registration fee is $10.00 per scout per class and the deadline is February 19th. Meaning if a scout takes one class in the morning and another in the afternoon the fee would be $20.00. One session or an all day workshop would be just $10.00. Sessions are marked on the event as all day, morning, and afternoon. The fee includes all supplies needed for the class and a participation patch for each Scout.

Registration received after February 19th will inquire a $5 late fee for a total of $15 per class.

Registration and your payment must be RECEIVED (not just mailed by) by February 19th.

Make Checks Payable to Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Chapter.

Even though registration is online the checks still need to be mailed because of University of Iowa guidelines. Please include the troop number and the names of the scouts for which you are paying. Checks will not be deposited until the week after the event in case of any cancellations.

Please send the payment to: 

Justin Brown

PO BOX 447

Walford, IA 52351