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Event Details

Jayhawk Area Council Sea Scout Academy

Falley Scout Reservation, 8602 Kingman Rd, Oskaloosa, KS 66066

Other Training
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$0.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)
Jayhawk Area

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ActivitySessionClass FeeSeats Available
ABA Attendance By Adult Sea Scout Marksmanship 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult Apprentice Fast Start 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult IOWLS 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult Small Boat Handler/Qualified Seaman 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult CPR/First Aid Certification 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult Ordinary/Able/Quartermaster "on-the-water" 0 100
ABA Attendance By Adult Aquatic Explorer Club 0 100
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Sponsor Information

This event is run by Jayhawk Area Council

Event Description

Jayhawk Area Council Sea Scout Academy

Basic information

Date and location

The Jayhawk Area Council Sea Scout Academy is scheduled for May 20-22, 2022 at the Falley Scout Reservation.

The address is:

8602 Kingman Road

Oskaloosa, KS 66066

Health Forms

Please bring health forms A and B plus a copy of your health insurance card for the event.  If you have additional special needs that require our attention please let us know.  You can get these forms from the BSA Website:  


We encourage the Sea Scout, Venturing, and/or BSA Field Uniform (commonly called “Class A”) and welcome the Activity Uniform (commonly called “Class B”).  We understand that some may travel a great distance to arrive, so please wear your choice.  If either is not a possibility, you are still welcome to attend.  The uniform is an encouraged but optional part of Scouting.

Camping and meals

Units will camp in tents as a unit at designated reservation campsites.  Each unit in attendance is responsible for their own meals and gear.  If you need help with gear, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

There are also cabins available at an additional cost.  Arrangements for cabins must be made directly with Jayhawk Area Council.  Cabins are limited and reservation is first-come, first served.

Units that travel may wish to purchase their food supplies at a local grocery store. There are larger selections of stores in Topeka and Lawrence.  There are two rural grocery stores close to the camp where you can order online and make a reservation for pickup of your purchases:

Dollar General

11282 US 24 Hwy

Perry, KS 66073

(620) 322-8869

Dollar General

701 Walnut St

Oskaloosa, KS 66066

(913) 845-5403

Restrooms and showers

Restrooms and showers with hot and cold running water and flush toilets are available at the camp main building.


Scouts can take what they want from this event:  some scouts may jump into our Apprentice Academy and make tremendous progress toward the achievement of the Apprentice Rank.  Those interested in pursuing Ordinary or Able ranks will have plenty of opportunity for on-the-water practical experience and completion of a multitude of rank requirements.  Or, complete the Sea Scout Small Boat Handler and maybe even the Qualified Seaman awards.

Adults will have their chance for training too--the Introduction to On The Water Leadership Skills (IOWLS) course will equip leaders and advisors for what they need to know about the first two ranks of Sea Scouting.

Or you can just shoot guns:  we will have qualified range instructors and you can immerse yourself into the Sea Scout Marksmanship Program.

Sea Scout Apprentice rank requirements

Sea Scout Apprentice rank requirements will be handled in a deep dive setting for all new Sea Scouts and Venturers.  This program is for new Sea Scouts and completes almost the entire rank requirements for the Apprentice rank, the first rank in Sea Scouts.  New Sea Scouts should take this program.

Sea Scout rank “on-the-water” rank requirements (boating)

This program is for advanced Sea Scouts who need to complete “on-the-water” requirements for Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster ranks. The rank requirements that will be covered are outlined below and will be customized to meet the needs of all participants in the program.  Participation in this program requires that scouts be of Apprentice rank or above.


  • Ordinary 5f-5g. Radio and galley demonstration

  • Ordinary 6c. Marlinspike Seamanship demonstration

  • Ordinary 7b. Boat handling demonstration

  • Ordinary 8d. Ground Tackle demonstration

  • Ordinary 11d-11f.  Practical Deck Seamanship demonstration

  • Ordinary 14. Cruising


  • Able 5b-5e: Safety demonstration

  • Able 7. Boat Handling demonstration

  • Able 8c-8e. Ground Tackle demonstration

  • Able 10. Piloting and Navigation demonstration

  • Able 12a. Environment sensitive materials demonstration


  • Quartermaster 7. Boat Handling demonstration and instruction

  • Quartermaster 7c. Teach Ordinary and Able boat handling requirements to a crew.

  • Quartermaster 8a. Teach Ordinary and Able anchoring requirements to a crew.

  • Quartermaster 8c. Ground Tackle demonstration

  • Quartermaster 9. Teach Ordinary navigation rules requirement and Able 9b. and 9c. to a crew.

  • Quartermaster 10a. Teach the Ordinary and Able piloting requirements to a crew.

  • Quartermaster 11a. Teach the Ordinary and Able weather requirements to a crew.

  • Quartermaster 12a-12b. Environment laws and sanitation knowledge

  • Quartermaster 11b. Weather demonstration

IOWLS training for adults

Introduction to On-the-Water Leader Skills training (IOWLS) gives adult leaders an introduction to resources and on-the-water skills they need to assist Sea Scouts in achieving Ordinary rank.  The material and training presented in Introduction to On-the-Water Leader Skills closely follows the Sea Scout Manual, the Guide to Safe Scouting, and the ANSI (Approved American National Standard) standards for on-water vessel activities and are meant to serve as an adult training outline.  In addition, participants will be given access to lesson plans and support materials that will enable them or their youth to teach Apprentice and Ordinary advancement requirements.

Hands-on participation makes the best learning tool, so participants should leave the training experience knowing they can show their Sea Scouts how to accomplish necessary skills while fulfilling rank requirements. Back home, we want Skippers, mates and adult leaders to feel comfortable working with and instructing their Sea Scouts. From raising a flag to setting an anchor, they should feel confident in helping their youth officers plan and carry out their own ship outings and exciting programs using these skills.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Registered as a member of Boy Scouts of America and over the age of 21

  • Completed online training at BSA Safe Swim Defense, BSA Safety Afloat, BSA Hazardous Weather

  • Completed a NASBLA approved Safe Boating Course

CPR and First Aid certification

We will have a certified American Red Cross or American Heart Association instructor for the required first aid and CPR courses in Sea Scouts.  This program will cover the following requirements:

  • Able 5f-5g. American Red Cross or American Heart Association certification in First Aid and CPR

  • Qualified Seaman 4.11. Obtain a Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate from a Certified Agency

Small Boat Handler/Qualified Seaman 

The Small Boat Handler Program topics include Aids to Navigation, Rules of the Road, and Boating Safety.  The Qualified Seaman Program topics include:  Aids to Navigation, Rules of the Road, Seamanship, Safety, Piloting, Charts, Safe Boating and Operating a Boat

Many of the requirements for this program also complete requirements toward rank advancement in Sea Scouts.

Scouts who are prepared should be able to complete the Small Boat Handler program at this event.

The Qualified Seaman program requirement 4.11 (Obtain a Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate from a Certified Agency) is not a part of this course.  Scouts wishing to complete this course will need to that section in advance as there will not be time to complete both this program and the CPR/First Aid course.

Sea Scout Marksmanship 

This program and award has been implemented as a special activity.  It was originally designed as a program a Sea Scout can participate in during times when they are not engaged in their nautical programs but has become popular year-round.  Participants in this program will have an additional fee to cover the cost of ammunition.  Expect to shoot a lot.,

Aquatic Adventure Explorer Club (Saturday only)

This is a special day-only event on Saturday for youth age 11-13.  Youth will get to participate in on the water and land-based activities.


Counselor Information

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Unit Payment Instructions


Falley Scout Reservation, 8602 Kingman Rd, Oskaloosa, KS 66066