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Event Details

Troop 18 Merit Badge Conference

4201 SE Shawnee Heights Rd., Tecumseh, KS 66542

Merit Badge
2 (# badges a single scout can attend)
$30.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)
Jayhawk Area

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Ashli Salzano (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionClass FeeSeats Available
Chemistry PM 0 17
Citizenship in the Community* PM 0 16
Citizenship in the Community* AM 0 17
Citizenship in the World* AM 0 9
Citizenship in the World* PM 0 11
Communication* PM 0 19
Communication* AM 0 16
Cooking* All Day 0 14
Cycling* AM 0 4
Digital Technology PM 0 13
Electronics AM 3 4
Emergency Preparedness* PM 0 20
Emergency Preparedness* AM 0 18
Energy AM 0 19
Engineering PM 0 16
Environmental Science* PM 0 19
Environmental Science* AM 0 20
Family Life* PM 0 14
Fingerprinting & Crime Prevention AM 0 7
Fingerprinting & Crime Prevention PM 0 10
First Aid* PM 0 18
First Aid* AM 0 20
FOOD Adult/Extra Lunch 6 89
Geocaching AM 0 3
Geocaching PM 0 4
Home Repairs All Day 0 18
Personal Management* AM 0 17
Programming AM 0 18
Radio PM 0 7
Sustainability* AM 0 20
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Sponsor Information

Tecumseh United Methodist Church is proud to host the 11th Annual Troop 18 Merit Badge Conference on August 6, 2022! This event is open to all scouts, local or beyond.  We hope you join us for a day of fun and learning!

Registered scouts will receive a day of working on merit badges with a qualified counselor(s), lunch and patch.

This event is not affiliated with any council.

Event Description


  • 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.  Unit Check-In Begins
  • 8:30 a.m.-8:50 a.m.  Flag Ceremony and Announcements
  • 8:50 a.m.  Release for Morning/All-Day Classes
  • 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Morning Classes/First Half All-Day Classes
  • 12:00 p.m. 12:50 p.m.  Lunch
  • 12:50 p.m.  Release for Afternoon Class/All-Day Classes
  • 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.  Afternoon Classes/Second Half All-Day Classes


  • Scouts should seek the approval from their Scoutmaster and parents for their class selection.
  • Badge completion is not guaranteed.  Some badges may require work at home after the conference.  Due to time restraints, subject of the badge or incomplete prerequisites, completion of the badge at this event may not be possible. 
  • Scouts should be prepared to learn.  They should bring all materials needed for the selected class.  This may include, but not limited to, pen, paper, prerequisite material, merit badge worksheets, etc. 
  • Scouts should review the prerequisite section and come to class with all their prerequisite materials.  Counselors must see proof of completion in order for them to mark that requirement as satisfied. 
  • Food and drink (except for bottled water) is not allowed in the classrooms.

Blue Cards:

  • Blue cards will be delivered by e-mail to the person that registered the unit/scout.
  • Scouts will not need to bring a blue card to the event.


  • Registration fees for scouts include a lunch (2 slices of pizza, dessert and bottled water). 
  • Adults may order a lunch for $6.00 during registration.  There will be a very limited number of lunches that may be purchased at the door.  The extra lunches will also be a pizza lunch.
  • Scouts taking the cooking class will cook their own lunch.  Menu has yet to be determined.
  • We cannot accommodate dietary needs.  Please plan accordingly.

Concession Stand:

  • Cub Scout Pack 18 will be operating a concession stand.  Various snack items and beverages will be available for purchase. 

COVID-19 Precautions:

  • The event and its coordinators will follow all State/County mandates as it pertains to COVID-19.  This may include, but not limited to, social distancing, temperature checks and required mask wearing.  Mandates from governing authority can change frequently and the event organizers will do their best to stay up-to-date of what is required for everyone's safety.  We ask that all attendees (scouts/leaders/parents) be prepared and flexible!

Counselor Information

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Each scout may choose 1 morning and 1 afternoon class OR 1 all-day class.  Registration must be done through the website.  Walk-in registrations will not be accepted.

Adults that need to order a lunch for themselves will need to choose the option "FOOD" in the registration process.  The registration fee for registered scouts include a lunch.  There is no need to order lunches for registered scouts.  

Each adult registering scouts must ensure that they are giving a good e-mail address.  E-mail addresses will be used for invoicing and blue card delivery.

We would like, although not necessary, that units register their scouts all at once.

Adult leaders or parents that are registering scouts need to ensure that their user profile has been updated with their unit and council information.

Unit Payment Instructions

Registrations will be billed via PayPal invoicing.  An invoice will be sent via e-mail to the adult that registered the scout/unit. 

Invoices are due upon receipt as spots are not guaranteed until payment is made.  Any invoice that remains unpaid after 3 days will be considered past due.  Past due invoices may result in your scout/unit losing their class spot. 

It is important that the adult leader registering scouts leaves a good e-mail address for billing purposes! If you do not receive a PayPal invoice with 48 hours of registering, please e-mail the event manager.


The conference will be located at Shawnee Heights High School.  The address for the school is 4401 S.E. Shawnee Heights Rd., Tecumseh, KS.