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Counselor Profile

Counselor Mrs Susan Randrup
Council District Type Unit Role
Northeast Georgia Sweetwater Troop 552 Former Troop Advancement
Address Lilburn, GA 30047
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private private private
Employer Field
K-12 school Bookkeeper
Biography I will run class briskly.  100% scout engagement is required for 5 full hours. You will learn, do and complete requirements. Bringing a wifi-enabled computer, tablet or phone is highly recommended, as many requirements entail research in class.
Why I am qualified to teach
Personal Management*
Degree: BS in Operations Research from West Point, U.S. Military Academy
Bookkeeper: 12 years
Scout Volunteer: 9 years
Prerequisites for this Activity 1,2,8
  Youth Protection Training completed: October 2018
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