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Counselor Profile

Counselor Mr Richard Meiners
Council District Type Unit Role
Heart of America Northern Tier Troop 199 Committee Member
Address 3676 W 75th Street
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
913-608-5812 816-288-0506 816-288-0506
Employer Field
UHC Medical Auditor
Why I am qualified to teach
Emergency Preparedness*
I trained as an EMT in high school/college, served in the Army and have been a lifelong advocate for Emergency Preparedness.  In my troop I am the guy who has pretty much everything, when a scout needs some oddball thing, they will say, Go as Mr Meiners, and usually I will have it in my kit even on campouts.
Prerequisites for this Activity 2b,c, 3, 6a,b,c, 8a   Read the Book
  Youth Protection Training completed: April 2018
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