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Counselor Mr Osvaldo Vilomar BS, CPM
Council District Type Unit Role
Atlanta Area Foothills Troop 1776 ASM
Address Marietta, GA 30062
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
678-641-0774 770-910-8580
Employer Field
Oracle Corporation Project Manager Global IT

Biography: Osvaldo Vilomar became an athlete when he completed his first 13 mile marathon at the age of 15. In high school he competed in track and field, participating in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m. Upon graduation, Mr. Vilomar was awarded a scholarship to join the track and field varsity team at the University of Puerto Rico. During his 1st year in college he joined the Air Force ROTC and became part of an elite military group called the “Panther Military Society.” There he became a self defense instructor and was awarded the best trainee award. On his 3rd year in college he was offered to be part of the weight lifting varsity team. He competed in a national and international championship. In addition to competitive sports, Osvaldo Vilomar has been practicing karate since 1977. He earned his black belt in 1982 in Okinawa Kempo Karate. Right after moving to Florida, he was promoted to 3rd degree black belt with Sansei Goju International Karate Organization and Ronin Goju Ryu Kai World Organization. He currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt with World Sansei Kokusai Koryu Goju Kai Karate. Mr. Vilomar was inducted into the international hall of fame in 2007 as self defense instructor of the year by the World Head Of Family Sokeship Council. Osvaldo Vilomar taught karate classes in college and also had his own karate school. Currently Mr. Vilomar is AAC Climbing Instructor, an avid runner, frequents the gym and an active BSA ASM. Vilomar graduated with a BS in Computer Science and degree in MIS from Barry University of Florida. Currently, he works with Oracle Corp in Atlanta as an IT Project Manager.

PREREQUISITIES: Do requirement #1 prior to attending clinic (bring note from parent for dentist and copy of BSA health record). Be prepared to participate in discussions for requirements 2 thru 6 and complete requirement 7 while at the clinic. You will require PT strip to complete the fitness and body composition tests. PT strip includes: t-shirt, shorts, sweatsuit, socks and running shoes. BRING WORKSHEETS, perferably completed.

Why I am qualified to teach
Personal Fitness*
Prerequisites for this Activity pending
Authorized Merit Badge Counselor  Youth Protection Training completed: September 2018
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