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Counselor Faith Allen
Council District Type Unit Role
Occoneechee Black River Troop 130 Merit Badge Counselor
Address Zebulon, NC 27597
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private 919-903-3555 private
Employer Field
Biography I desire to be a merit badge counselor in first aid and geneology. I started out as a field medic in the USAR and obtained my BSN nursing degree thereafter. I have continued with nursing in my role as mother and through volunteer work. I also am a geneology enthusiast and love searching for my ancestors, talking with my grandmother, aunts etc about my family history. I have helped others when they have hit roadblocks while working on their own geneology. I am a devoted nurse, mother, and geneologist. I wish to utilize those skills to enrich and help our scouts.
Why I am qualified to teach
Be prepared to discover your family history, it can be fun, exciting and sometimes weird! You will be able to search on your own and build your family tree after this course. Please bring your own devices to access family history websites and paper and pen to write discoveries or leads down on. Also look throught the workbook for this merit badge as you will need to interview certain family members before hand.
Prerequisites for this Activity   Do I, 2, 6 & 7
  Youth Protection Training completed: October 2018
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