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Counselor Profile

Counselor Mr Mike Klinetob
Council District Type Unit Role
Columbia-Montour Lenni Lenape Troop 22 Unit Commissioner
Address Berwick, PA 18603-5839
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private private private
Employer Field
Briar Creek Police Dept. Law Enforcement
Why I am qualified to teach
Items needed for MB discussion:
Room that provides a comfortable setting for discussion of MB requirements.   And large enough for class size established by host entity.
White or chalk board with whiteboard markers or chalk.
Prerequisites for this Activity SAFETY MERIT BADGE
Pre-requisite requirements:
#1 a thru e (bring notebook)
#2 a (use check list in MB pamphlet or make their own)
#2 b (note from adult verifying completion)
#3 b (note from adult verifying completion)
#4 (note from adult verifying completion)
#5 (bring plan to class)
#6 (bring written plan with supporting documentation and proof of completion for review)
#8 (bring notes and documentation for discussion)
Requirements completed during class:
#3 a,c,d
  Youth Protection not completed within the past two years.
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