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Counselor Profile

Counselor Dr Lawrence James Ph.D.
Council District Type Unit Role
Occoneechee Troop 00000 Merit Badge Counselor
Address 10831 Hamilton Club Dr., Apt 301
Raleigh, NC 27617
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
9195231035 9195231035 9198758371
Employer Field
InstroTek, Inc. Physicist (R&D)
Why I am qualified to teach
I earned my Bachleors and Masters degrees in physics from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem NC and my Ph.D. in physics from North Carolina State University.  Since then I have worked in industry and have designed and built numerous electrical and electronic circuits.  In addition I teach electrical basics to community college students as part of teaching an evening physics course for engineers.
Prerequisites for this Activity
  Youth Protection Training completed: October 2019
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