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Counselor Mike Layman
Council District Type Unit Role
Northeast Georgia Sweetwater Troop 553 Asst. Scoutmaster
Address 3065 Oak Meadow Dr.
Snellville, GA 30078
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
770-985-8507 private 678-694-3952
Employer Field
LexisNexis, Inc Software Engineer
Why I am qualified to teach
Citizenship in the Nation*
Prerequisites for this Activity *** READ THE MERIT BADGE HANDBOOK BEFORE ATTENDING THE CLASS!!!  ***
Reqr 2 - Bring proof of your visit such as pictures, receipts, etc.  If completing 2d, bring information about the national monument that you selected.
Reqr 3 - Bring your notes from the newspaper or national evening news program that you selected.
Reqr 6 - Bring the information about the speech which you chose. 
Reqr 8 - Bring your letter, either a hard copy or a copy on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Remember - this Merit Badge is about the Nation.  All requirements should pertain to issues, events, locations, etc from a NATIONAL perspective.
  Youth Protection Training completed: January 2019
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