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Counselor Mr J. Stephen Brainard
Council District Type Unit Role
New Birth of Freedom Indian Rock Troop 205 Assistant Scoutmaster
Shrewsbury, PA 17361
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
717-235-8290 443-974-6327
Employer Field
Why I am qualified to teach

I became intersted in Genealogy when in middle school, I received two separate, related pedigree charts for my grandfathers ancestors conering 12 generations each.

Since then I have used a variety of resources including the Saybrook Historical Society Archives,, Relatives, Church Records, the British Royal Genealogy Site (Hull University), and Cherokee Tribal resources to document more than 60 generations of my own personal history.

Prerequisites for this Activity Print Genealogy workbook from or; complete requirements 2 (a or b), 3, 5, 6 and 7 in workbook before the camporee. Bring the completed prerequisites (in workbook) and the document for Requirement 4b to the camporee.
  Youth Protection not completed within the past two years.
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