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Counselor Profile

Counselor Patrick Thompson ,Biologist-P.Ranger
Council District Type Unit Role
Atlanta Area Chattahoochee Troop 1134 Scoutmaster
Address 364 knots circle
woodstock, GA 30188
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private 7703292746 7703292746
Employer Field
Solar Energy Companies Management, Sales
Biography Former science teacher, biologist and national park ranger with 25 years of high-tech sales and consulting experience managing teams at companies like EDS, Lotus, IBM, Siebel,, and AT&T Mobility. Currently helping to run a couple of solar energy companies, and working as an smart station software consultant for the emerging electric vehicle market.
Why I am qualified to teach
Environmental Science*
Scoutmaster, former Boy Scout (Eagle), science teacher, and National Park Ranger with 30 years of Information Technology (IT) experience will cover the material from the perspective of what will happen when you grow up, Environmental Technology (ET). I have helped start companies that helps government, businesses and homeowners save money by harnessing the renewable energy of the sun and put in place energy efficiency measures. Has also worked with electric vehicles and wireless charging stations for those autos.
Prerequisites for this Activity

~This is truly a living science course. As a scout, you'll  be expected to train others in what you've learned and observed, communicating, and breathing. You'll learn to prove your ideas and apply yourself in being an active member of this ecosystem, the only one we have. We may go outdoors for a portion of the course. Be prepared by coming to class with the following, be active, and we'll finish the badge you'll start at home:
 1. Bring your notebook complete with the Environmental Science worksheet and some blank paper
 2. Pencil or pen
 3. Read the Environmental Science pamphlet and bring it to class if you've got it
 4. Complete the following with your worksheets and paper before arriving in class
  2 - definitions
  3a3 - explain ecosystem 
3c3 - write about water pollutants
3d3 - take photos of erosion
3e1 or 3e2 - write about endangered species
4a or 4b - study an area, bring your observations
  6 - explore some env sci careers & document requirements for 1 of those fields
  Besides discussing the above, we will do the following in class:
1. - timeline
  3b3 - acid rain discussion
3f3 - packaging materials
5 - make an Environmental Impact Statement
6 - explore this ahead of class or you can interview me as an example

  Youth Protection Training completed: March 2019
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