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Counselor Mr David Wallace II
Council District Type Unit Role
New Birth of Freedom Susquehanna Trail Troop 67 Committee Member
Address 506 Oakwood Dr
Dover, PA 17315
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
Employer Field
Penn-Air & Hydualics Mechanical Designer
Biography I'm a 46 year Christain,husband & father who enjoys family, friends and the great outdoors.  I was a cub scout for 2 yrs that never stayed with it.  Now that my son has taken an interest in scouts from his start as a Tiger 8 yrs ago I have been a leader.  Some may say I'm a boy scout that missed out as a child.  I'm currently a committee member & treasure for Troop 67 in Dover, PA.  I'm a member of N6-544-13 and a proud Bobwhite & TG for N6-544-16.  NYLT leader as QM(2014) & ASM (2015)  Some of my personal hobbies are cycling, geocaching, hiking, camping, hammocks, woodworking and anything DIY.
  Youth Protection not completed within the past two years.
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