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Counselor William Kuhn
Council District Type Unit Role
Jayhawk Area Oregon Trail Troop 92 Committee Member
Address 5755 Riley Creek
Saint Marys, KS 66536
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
877-367-5846 785-925-0061
Employer Field
Biography I've been deeply involved with aviation (Private Pilot/Aviation degree), electronics (electronic technician), Radio and Communications (Amateur Radio operator and trainer - Extra Class license), and Computer Programming and Networking (degree and 30 years experience).
Why I am qualified to teach
Prerequisites for this Activity For a half-day classes, we really need to fly through those things that need special equipment or knowledge to cover. We make anything you can easily do at home or that is required to be done elsewhere prerequisites.

That said, please, please, PLEASE read through the Electronics Merit Badge book, and write out answers for the following worksheet items..

We will be doing hands-on soldering in this class. I provide a small LED Flasher kit for scouts to assemble at a nominal $3 fee for worksheet item 4. Scouts are welcome to substitute their own devices for worksheet item 4.

If you haven't at least read through the book, a lot of what we cover in class will go right over your head!

Please contact me with questions and I'll be happy to help!

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