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Counselor Profile

Counselor Dr Barbara Blake , RN, PhD, ACRN
Council District Type Unit Role
Atlanta Area Foothills Troop 1776 MB Counselor
Address 1000 Chastain Rd. Building #4201, Room 3007
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private private (770) 423-6385
Employer Field
Kennesaw State University School of Nursing, Associate Professor
Biography My name is Barbara Blake and I am part of the nursing faculty at Kennesaw State University. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years. My area of speciality is community health nursing. I have worked in public health departments, public schools, and coordinated community based clinical research trials. I have been involved in the coordinating the first aid course at the merit badge event for several years and the community health nursing faculty has incorporated it into our course as a community based activity for our senior level nursing students. We look forward to working with the boy scouts who will be attending our first aid course this year!
Why I am qualified to teach
First Aid*

First aid-caring for injured or ill persons until they can receive professional medical care- is an important skill for every Scout. Earning the Fist Aid merit badge will help you understand that emergency medical treatment is a set of clear action steps. By following the steps every time you come upon a first-aid emergency, you can quicky evaluate the stituation, come up with a first-aid plan, and then see that plan through.

The goals of first aid are:

1. Protect a person who is injured or ill from further harm.

2. Stop life-threatening emergencies. (Keep the airway open. Maintain breathing and circulation. Stop serious bleeding. Treat for shock.)

3. Get the person under professional medical care.

Prerequisites for this Activity

Completion of the first aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Classs, and First Class ranks.

  Youth Protection not completed within the past two years.
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