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Jamie Leonard, A fellow scouter in Oskaloosa Iowa and David Landriam-Shrewsbury from NE Georgia introduced us to the Chief Scout Executive who then introduced us to Vijay Challa and Norbert Harasimiuk, the BSA National IT team.  We met with Vijay and Norbert Friday Jan 10th and had a highly rewarding discussion.  Thanks to everyone involved, we will not be shutting down  If you know Jamie or David, thank them for leading the charge to make this happen.  

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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Cyber Merit Badge Camp
Location 2258 Woodruff Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
11/9/2019 07:00 11/9/2019 17:00
Open for Registration Last day to Register
9/9/2019   11/7/2019
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $30.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Blue Ridge Southbounder Troop 776

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Event Manager (Troop776MBU@GMAIL.COM), the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
BOS Cyber Chip 7:40-8:30  1010087 Not Known Not Known
Camping* Session 1 8:30-12:15  10245 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* Session 1 8:30-12:15  12162 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  12160 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  10106 Not Known Not Known
Digital Technology Session 1 8:30-12:15  10101 Not Known Not Known
Digital Technology Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  10100 Not Known Not Known
Electricity Session 1 8:30-12:15  1090 Not Known Not Known
Electricity Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  1080 Not Known Not Known
Electronics Session 1 8:30-12:15  12101 Not Known Not Known
Electronics Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  12100 Not Known Not Known
Emergency Preparedness* Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  10160 Not Known Not Known
FOOD Adult Lunch  10$65046 Not Known Not Known
Game Design Session 1 8:30-12:15  10103 Not Known Not Known
Game Design Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  10120 Not Known Not Known
Personal Management* Session 1 8:30-12:15  13170 Not Known Not Known
Photography Session 1 8:30-12:15  1080 Not Known Not Known
Photography Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  1080 Not Known Not Known
Programming Session 1 8:30-12:15  12120 Not Known Not Known
Programming Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  12120 Not Known Not Known
Robotics Session 1 & 2  1080 Not Known Not Known
Sustainability* Session 1 8:30-12:15  10122 Not Known Not Known
Sustainability* Session 2 12:45 - 4:30  10140 Not Known Not Known
Sponsor Information
Troop 776 is hosting the third Cyber Merit Badge camp on Nov 9, 2019.  The day begins with a flag ceremony.. Scouts will then break into merit badge sessions.  All classes will be either a half day or full day session, which will allow a Scout to attend two different merit badges classes.  Both Eagle Scout and Cyber merit badges will be offered.  Workbooks will provided to each scout and a progress report will be provided for the scout to take back to their Troop. 

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Questions?  email

Onsite Camping Available:

Scouts coming from out of town have mentioned in previous years that it would be helpful if they could camp onsite on Friday night.  The church has approved Scouts camping in the grass field behind the church on Friday night.  There is no planned program for Friday night.  This is intended for out of town Scouts.  Restrooms and showers will be available.  


07:00 AM Registration begins

07:15 AM Opening Flag Ceremony

07:30 AM Cyber Presentation  / Cyber Chip / Cyber Chip Recharge

08:30 AM – 12:15 Merit Badge Session 1

12:15 PM – 12:45 Lunch

12:45 PM - 4:30 Merit Badge Session 2

4:30 PM Merit Badge classes end

4:45 PM Closing Flag Ceremony

5:00 PM Merit Badge Camp ends. Pick up MB completion sheets.
Counselor Information
PREREQUISITES: Scouts who are enrolled in merit badges with prerequisites can complete these requirements prior to arriving the day of the event. If a Scout has not completed the prerequisites, he will not complete the merit badge and will receive a partial which will require follow up with a counselor after the event.  

BOS Cyber Chip: Only sign up for this class if the scout needs to earn the Cyber Chip FOR THE FIRST TIME.  Scouts that have earned the Cyber Chip in the past do not have to sign up for this class and will instead complete the annual Cyber Chip recharge requirement during this time period.  If a Scout is taking either the Digitial Technology or Programming merit badge, the Scout must either attend the BOS Cyber Chip class as a first time scout or present their previously earned Cyber Chip to the Merit Badge Counselor to fullfil the Cyber Chip requirement.    

Camping: We will cover all of the classroom requirements; the following requirements cannot be completed during the Camping merit badge class and the Scouts will have to complete with their home units: 3, 4b, 5e, 6a, 6b, 6e, 7a, 7b, 8c, 8d, 9a, 9b, and 9c.  A prerequisite for this session is for Scouts to learn the Leave No Trace principals and the Outdoor Code, and be prepared to explain what they mean.

Citizenship in the Community: Prerequisite requirements 3a & 3b; 4a & 4b; 7a, 7b, & 7c; 8 (develop a public presentation (video, slide show, speech, digital presentation or photo exhibit) about important and unique aspects of your community and bring to class) must be completed either before or after the merit badge camp..

Citizenship in the Nation:  Prerequisite requirements 2a, 2b, 2c or 2d (do two); 3 (watch news or read newspaper), 8 (send & bring copy) must be completed either before or after the merit badge camp.

Digitial Technology: The Cyber Chip is required in order to earn the full merit badge.  Scouts can accomplish all of the requirements of the badge except for 1 Cyber Chip and 6 in this class.  Scout can complete requirement 6 (Do any three) and bring to the class to discuss.

Electricity: Electricity: Complete requirement 2. Complete an electrical home safety inspection of your home and bring to the class.  Use the checklist at this link

Complete requirement 9a. Do the following: a. Read an electric meter and, using your family’s electric  bill, determine the energy cost from the meter readings and bring to the class

Electronics: Scouts can accomplish all of the requirements of the badge in this class.

Emergency Preparedness:  The following requirements must be completed either before or after MBU.  Requirements 1 (bring proof of having completed the First Aid Merit Badge); 2b & 2c (do a family plan, discuss & bring copy of plan to MBU); 6c (find out and bring names of your community's Emergency Management Director, Sheriff or Chief of Police, Fire Chief and EMD Director; 7b (Prepare or bring a written plan for mobilizing your troop), 8b (bring your personal emergency pack for a mobilization call; prepare and bring a family kit (suitcase or waterproof box); you can bring a picture that shows what is in them); 9 (do any ONE).

Game Design: Can not be fully completed in classroom

Personal Management: Requirements 1, 2; 8, 10 have to be completed either before or after the merit badge camp. 

PhotographyThe Cyber Chip is required in order to earn the full merit badge.  Scouts can accomplish all of the requirements of the badge except for 1 Cyber Chip in this class..  Scouts bring either a phone with picture taking capabilities or a digital camera. If a Scout cannot bring one, we will have limited quantities for them to use. As part of Requirement 7, be prepared to share your visual story with class. A poster board or electronic presentation is acceptable. Use only 8-12 images. 

Programing: The Cyber Chip is required in order to earn the full merit badge.  Scouts will accomplish all of the requirements of the badge (except for 1a Cyber Chip) in this class.

Robotics: Requirement 6:  Competitions. Do ONE of the following. 

a. Attend a robotics competition and report to your counselor what you saw and learned about the competition and how teams are organized and managed.  This requirement can be met by attending SCRIW (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops) 2017

b. Learn about three youth robotics competitions.   Tell your counselor about these, including the type of competition, time commitment, age of the participants, and how many teams are involved.  This can be accomplished by visiting and reviewing FLL, FTC and FRC competitions and watching competition videos on FIRST’s website and YouTube.

Requirement 7:  Careers. Come prepared to discuss three career opportunities in robotics.

Sustainability:  Do Requirement 1 before the class and bring with you; The following requirements must be completed either before or after MBU..  Requirement 2 Water-Do A; Requirement 2 Food-Do A; Requirement 2 Energy - Do B or C;  Requirement 2 Stuff-Do A; Requirement 4 - Do any TWO; Requirement 5a.

Unit Sign-up Instructions
COST: $30 This includes two sessions, scout lunch, materials needed for the class. If a Scout can only attend one session, the cost is $12 for a single session.  Leaders and Parents may pre-purchase a lunch online for $6 at the same time as you register the scout. Scouts can sign up individually or as a member of a Troop.

Payment Instructions for the Unit
BY CREDIT CARD - We use PayPal, (a commercial banking and credit card processing service) accepting MasterCard, Discover Card, Amex or VISA. There is no charge to you for this service to make payments. You may pay by simply clicking on the PayPal link provided below. 

When you are transferred to the PayPal website, please be sure to enter the scouts name, troop number and council/district in the "Descriptions" field so that we can correctly credit the payment.  There is no automatic linkage to your scouts name by PayPal or

Please print your registration information for your records.

A Troop may substitute another Scout into the same merit badge class on the day of the event.
Directions to the Event


Advent United Methodist Church

2258 Woodruff Road

Simpsonville, SC 29681

Release Information
Photograph/Video Release:

We authorize BSA Troop 776 or any entity or person designated by BSA Troop 776 the right to the use or reproduction of any and all photographs, video, or other media taken of the persons named above during the classes or related activities. All photographs, videos, or other media are the property of BSA Troop 776 or the entity or person designated by BSA Troop 776, and may be used for any purpose without additional consent.
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