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Meritbadge.Info is aging out!

Rodrigo and Mike started the site after a Wood Badge course in 2005. We used to be a bear and a good ole bear too.  Our goal was to make it easier for event managers to setup, manage, and track merit badge classes without getting mired in reams of paper from the postal service.   

We are proud to say, after nearly 15 years, we offered over 2,800 events, 46,000 classes with over 245,000 participants taking nearly 410,000 seats via 1.4 million visitors. All of this in an hour per week. We realize this will disappoint quite a few loyal scouters who have used and promoted our project for many years.  We cannot tell you how much we have appreciated your feedback, gratitude, and patience when we needed to fix something.  We could not do it without you.

Unfortunately, the site needs a major overhaul. Neither of us has the time to redesign the registration system to meet these emerging requirements.  For this reason, it is time to shut it down. Here is the approach:

First, we have disabled the ability to create new events.  The events that are using the registration system up through May 2020 will be honored, but all others events will be blocked.

Second, if you have managed events in the past, we suggest you sign on and create a backup excel file for your records.  We still have adults looking for "blue cards" sometimes over a year after an event. 

Sometime in Q2 2020, we will take the site offline.

Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Troop 106 Merit Badge Clinic, Greenforest Community Baptist Church
Location 3250 Rainbow Drive Decatur, GA 30034   Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
1/25/2020 7:30 AM 1/25/2020 4 PM
Open for Registration Last day to Register
9/27/2019   1/15/2020
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $0.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Atlanta Area Soapstone Ridge Troop 106

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Counselor To Be Determined (, the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Citizenship in the Community* Afternoon Complete 3a,b, 5, 7a-c, 810$101515 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* Morning Complete 3a,b, 5, 7a-c, 810$10157 Not Known Anonymous
Citizenship in the Nation* Afternoon Complete 2,3,6,813$101514 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* Morning Complete 2,3,6,813$101513 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the World* Afternoon Complete Reqs #3 and #713$101512 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the World* Morning Complete Reqs #3 and #713$101515 Not Known Not Known
Communication* Afternoon Complete 4,5,8,911$101510 Not Known Not Known
Communication* Morning Complete 4,5,8,911$101512 Not Known Not Known
Emergency Preparedness* ALL DAY **Click Counselor name for PreReqs14$101512 Not Known Not Known
Family Life* Afternoon Complete 4, 5a - c10$10155 Not Known Not Known
Family Life* Morning Complete 4, 5a - c10$101512 Not Known Not Known
First Aid* Afternoon  10$101512 Not Known Not Known
First Aid* Morning  10$101512 Not Known Not Known
Personal Management* ALL DAY Complete 1 8, 9, & 1013$10154 Not Known Not Known
Sponsor Information

This event is hosted by Troop 106 and is promoted via  The event manager is Tab Brown (email address:

This event will be open for registration from 10/5/19 - 1/15/20.

Each Scout must come prepared with the following: 

  • Updated Merit Badge worksheet,

  • Blue Card (signed and dated by Scoutmaster) for each registered class,

  • Merit Badge pamphlet for registered class (can be downloaded online),

  • Pen/pencil,

  • Paper. 

There shall be no littering, defacing or destruction of any structure. Your behavior will determine whether or not we will do this event again.



  1. Objective.  Our objective is to give the participating scout an opportunity to complete his merit badge during that session. To accomplish this, the scout, leader, parent(s) and counselor must work together to ensure that the scout completes as many requirements ahead of schedule as possible. 

Check In.  Check-in for the Clinic starts at 7:30 am.  The Opening Ceremony is at 8:30 am.

Scouts can register for 2 merit badges, Morning Session  is from 9:00 am - 11:50 am and the Afternoon Session is from 1:00 pm - 3:45 pm.  The only exceptions are the following classes:

* Personal Management

* Emergency Preparedness

If a Scout is registered for these classes, they will attend from 9am - 3:45pm and can register for 1 merit badge.

Lunch is scheduled from 12pm - 12:45pm.  Your choice of a hotdog or hamburger will be included, along with chips and a drink.  Likewise,
scouts can bring their own lunch if they prefer.

The closing ceremony is scheduled for 3:45pm.

Parents /  Leaders:  You must check in your Scout(s) for them to attend classes on the day of the Clinic.  After you checked them in, you have the choice of staying at the clinic or picking up your Scout(s) at the end of their registered session(s). 

CHECK OUT: For the safety of the Scout(s), all Scouts must check out at the end of their session(s).   Any Scout not signed out by the Troop On-site Contact and event manager at the conclusion of the merit badge event will not receive credit for the completion of any merit badge or merit badge requirements.


Merit Badges to be offered are subject to change based on MB Counselor availability and class minimums. BSA Troop 106 reserves the right to limit or cancel any class.

WALK-INS will not be allowed.

REGISTRATION: Registration by Troop is required. Open enrollment will begin on the above stated date.  Fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another scout. MB Counselors require student e-mail or phone for coordination.

UNIFORM: The Field Uniform 'Class A'uniform is the official uniform for the day. The merit badge sash may also be worn. 

CODE OF CONDUCT: The Scout Oath, the Law, and the Outdoor Code shall be the code of the Merit Badge Day. A Scout whose conduct is not consistent with the code will be directed to leave the church grounds immediately. Adequate supervision must be provided by each participating unit. Discipline is the responsibility of the Scoutmaster or other assigned leaders in charge of the troop.

CLEAN UP: The Scout is clean. Troop Leaders please coordinate with your troop to clean the premises and to keep the classrooms in the same condition as found. Future offerings of the Merit Badge Day will largely depend on how neat we leave the place. All garbage must be properly disposed into designated containers or carried out.

SECURITY: Because the public has access to the church, units will need to exercise their own vigilance. Report any incidents to the event organizers.

Counselor Information
BLUE CARDS / Merit Badge Books.......All Scouts must bring to class the following:

Blue Card SIGNED by their Scoutmaster (one per each Merit Badge) and the appropriate Merit Badge booklet Merit Badge worksheet (

Scouts should plan to complete as many prerequisites as they can.  The prerequisites for each Merit Badge is located in the Sign-up area. 

The Blue Card will be updated with tasks completed in class and returned to Scout BEFORE they depart the classroom.

PREREQUISITES: The Merit Badge Counselor will give credit for completed requirements ONLY. The Scout should complete all other requirements not covered in class, at his own pace and with his own troop counselors. Class work will be followed by individual Scout’s projects and his ability to fulfill all requirements.

ADVANCEMENT RECORDS: After the merit badge event, if you have any questions about Scout advancement, please visit your "Unit Sign-Up" page and print the "Show & Print Roster."
Unit Sign-up Instructions

SCOUT PREPARATION   Many classes have pre-requisites which must be done if you wish to complete the badge during class. Some classes also have age and/or rank requirements. Unless indicated otherwise, all other requirements for the Merit Badge should be covered in class. For ALL classes, Scouts are required to READ and BRING the Merit Badge pamphlet.  Also, Scouts are required to BRING a SIGNED Blue Card from the Scoutmaster.

COUNSELORS:  ALL Merit Badge Counselors NEED to check-in at the registration desk located by the Assembly Area . 

Payment Instructions for the Unit


The participation fee is $10 for each merit badge class per Scout.

Additional fees for materials are identified for designated classes. Troops are obligated to pay for the total number of Scouts registered.

1.) BY CHECK - Please print two copies of your registration form. Send one copy with payment. Retain the other registration copy for your records.

Please make Check Payable/Mail to:

Troop 106 2020 Merit Badge Clinic

Attention: Mrs. Cynthia Scott

1615 Ellington Rd SE

Conyers, GA 30013


Please DO NOT mail Blue Cards with payment; The Scout must keep their signed Blue Cards and bring with them on the day of the Clinic. 

Registrations not paid by this time will be canceled and associated

merit badge class slots will be released to Scouts who have paid.




REFUNDS: The registration fee is non-refundable. The amount paid will be forfeited if the troop or Scout does not attend. However, troops may substitute scouts as long as the total number and the Merit Badge doesn’t change.
Directions to the Event

We will meet at the church.


Greenforest Community Baptist Church

3250 Rainbow Drive

Decatur, Georgia  30034

Directions and Map:


Release Information
Photograph/Video Release:

We authorize BSA Troop 106 or any entity or person designated by BSA Troop 106 the right to the use or reproduction of any and all photographs, video, or other media taken of the persons named above during the classes or related activities. All photographs, videos, or other media are the property of BSA Troop 106 or the entity or person designated by BSA Troop 106, and may be used for any purpose without additional consent.

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