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If you are having trouble registering scouts, carefully read the information on the help tab.
If you send an email that does not include the information we need to help you, it wastes time and will get promptly deleted.
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Warning!!! You have until Mar 1 2020 to get yourself registered with BSA and complete YPT training.

Our progress with BSA is going well. We are hoping to be in beta testing by mid-February. Once this is activated, here is what to expect:

Adults must enter their BSA Number, DOB, First and Last name. We will poll BSA and get back an answer. At this point one of three things can happen:
1) Your registration is verified - you can continue using normally
2) You are not registered or your registration has lapsed - your prior rights are revoked and you get the same screens that you see before your login
3) You are registered but your YPT has expired - your prior rights are revoked and you get the same screens that you see before your login

You have about a month to get yourself registered and complete YPT training. After that, your access will be revoked.

We are making some changes.   Starting March 01,  2020, every user must have a valid BSA ID to manage events, register scouts, and update counselor pages.   BSA does background checks on all registered adults and we will follow their lead before granting access.   

Why are we doing this?
1. To provide higher security and validation of all adult users.
2. To clean up the mess we've accumulated via 15 years of poor user data entry.  

How will we do this? 
When you update your profile, you will be required to provide: Last name, first name, BSA ID, and your Date of Birth.   The website will submit this to BSA to validate your account.  BSA will return your Council, District, Unit, and the date you completed Youth Protection training.  We will periodically validate this access level with BSA and update your registration status based on the data returned.

What should you do? 
Login to and copy your BSA ID Number then update your profile on  Let others in your unit know they should do the same.  We are giving you 2.5 months advanced notice to make this work.

Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Location Gilwell Park, London, England  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
1/1/2040 6am 1/1/2040 6pm
Open for Registration Last day to Register
3/1/2003   1/1/2040
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $5.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Atlanta Area Council Foothills Troop 252

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Baden Powell Founder (bp), the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
AHG Aviation All Day  1010 Anonymous
AHG Camping All Day  1010 Anonymous
AHG Computer Fun All Day  1010 Anonymous
ALT BALOO (Adlt Ldr Outdoor Orient) 123456789_123456789_123456789_  211513 tba .
Archaeology AMRoom 23none10159 Anonymous
Architecture AM-A&D  14109 Mrs Mary Ellen Barringer
Bird Study All DayRoom 222None13$101514 Dean Adams KSU Professor
Citizenship in the Community* All Day  101512 tba .
Citizenship in the Nation* All Day  10158 tba .
Citizenship in the World* All Day  10157 tba .
Cycling* AM see MB counselor page101512 Mr Rodrigo Cano , MBA
Drafting AM-A&D  10108 Mrs Mary Ellen Barringer
Emergency Preparedness* All DayBower, ROON 25Radio Kit a must14$15105 Mr Bob Stong PE Frank Kalany P.E.
Emergency Preparedness* All Day  10157 Anonymous
Event Patch  pickup patch during check-inEmbroidery Patch10$51000987 Anonymous
EXP Exploring Orientation All Day  211514 tba .
FOOD Lunch Bring $210$210 tba .
FOOD Diet Soft Drink    10$14847 - TBD -
GEN Adult CPR All DayBUILDING C, ROOM 15 10$2158 tba .
GEN Varsity Scout Ldr Fundamentals All Day  212019 tba .
Geocaching All Day  101010 tba .
Inventing All Day  101010 tba .
Kayaking All DayBR549none1010 Mr Michael Jenkins PMP, MBA
LODGING - Female SATURDAY  215050 tba .
LODGING - Male SATURDAY  1010099 tba .
Personal Fitness* PM-PF&S  10108 Mrs Mary Ellen Barringer
Personal Management* All Day  101514 tba .
Radio AMROOM 20none10$51510 Mr Michael Jenkins PMP, MBA Mr Rodrigo Cano , MBA
Scuba Diving All Day  10$150109 tba .
Sports PM-PF&S  10107 Mrs Mary Ellen Barringer
Wilderness Survival pmEB053 141511 Mr Michael Jenkins PMP, MBA Mr Mark Aldren WGCL-TV
Sponsor Information

Enter some information about the sponsor of the event.

Use Special Fonts, highlighted text, colors, and other special formatting, .

Add website Links such as

How to Set Up and Manage a Boy Scout Merit Badge Event

Merit Badge Clinic Quality

Merit Badge Counseling

Blue Card: BSA Form 34124, etc.


You may also link this EVENT DETAILS web page generated by this program directly to your  troop’s website FOR SEAMLESS integration with your current system.

Describe the your event here.

The MERIT BADGE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM is designed to be used by any Scouter nationwide. You can use it to set up and manage you own merit badge event. You may also run multiple merit badge events. As an EVENT MANAGER, you are able to restrict your merit badge offer to JUST your TROOP or your DISTRICT, or your COUNCIL, or to ALL SCOUTS.

Merit Badge Events can ONLY be modified by its OWNER. To make changes to the "Demonstration Event,"  or to play around with options available to the Merit Badge Managers,

sign on as:    

email: bp

password: bp

The Registration System allows for multiple leaders in your troop to add Boy Scouts to the registration. The key is that you must be registered in the RIGHT troop #, District, and Council.



1.) Go to

2.) Enter the “Merit Badge Registration System”

3.) “Register New User” on the upper right of the screen. Follow all prompts carefully. Do not rush, read the screens and make sure you select all options (Unit Leader, Merit Badge Counselor, Event Manager) at the bottom of the registration page.

4.) “Sign On”  (upper right screen)

5.) Select the “Unit Sign Up” tab

6.) Select the Merit Badge Event to register Scouts

7.) Follow the screen and add Scouts to the registration.


Groups all merit badges a Scout can take at one point in time.


User Profile

Event Details

All events Report

Advancement Results

Consolidated Event Roster

Unit Registration Report

Merit Badge Class Roster

Merit Badge Counselor Report

Merit Badge List Report

Merit Badge Classroom Location

Event Fee, Merit Badge Fee and Payment Report

Event Statistics

Revenue Summary Report

MOST REPORTS can be sorted and printed by individual columns such as Alphabetical Name, Merit Badge, Session, Troop #, etc.



ADULT LEADER TRAING CLASSES: there are two ways to to do this.


If you wish to offer several non-merit badge classes, simply, create a separate EVENT and LINK it back to your main Event Details. Under "Badges," select "Activities" to discover all kinds of non-merit badge training. If you need a new class name, please let us know. We will gladly add it to the list for you. Visit sample events at: (sample event) (real event)



         Set Event Fee to $0 and charge all expenses thru "MB Fee."

         Select Event Type to: "Merit Badge" and add all needed merit badges.

         Select Event Type to: "Other Training" and add as many ADULT classes as needed


You may insert pictures to your event by editing the following command.

URL where the image is located">

You need to have a place to host the images and link back to your event .  We don’t host images on our server.


Allows EVENT MANAGERS to copy all event details and merit badge information from a specific event into a future merit badge event.


Please back your databases often. The program provides for you to download to your computer TWO separate databases:

1.)    The Scout Roster

2.)    The Leaders Roster





Counselor Information
Tell the counselors what they need to know. 


Address and phone number information may be marked so it does not get shown to the scouts and Scouters registering for merit badges.  Yet, this information is helpful to manage events.  We urge you to enter this information and uncheck the show checkbox if you do not want this published.  The Event Managers understand and appreciate your desire for privacy.

Unit Sign-up Instructions
Tell the units how to sign-up and organize their part of the event. 

Payment Instructions for the Unit

Tell the units how to pay for the event.

1.) Mail Check Payment to:

   BSA Troop 1

   123 Baden Powell Lane

   Gilwell Park, GA 30075

2.) Fax credit card number to:

3.) Use PayPal at: Paypal: the simplest approach is to add the link in the event description. Each Event Manager can setup a Paypal account and link directly to them for payment. "Customers shop on your website and pay on PayPal."

4.) Use Google Checkout. This is another way similar to Paypal to make online payments.


Directions to the Event
Provide printable directions to the event.

add a map link:

Release Information
Include photo release and other legalese here.


Using this free service means you are willing to accept the fact that we work for a living and cannot spend inordinate amounts of time making changes, repairing damage, and providing support for you.  We will do our best because we want to make it easy for the Scouts to find and complete their merit badges.  Please be patient if we do not respond to your email promptly.  Regardless of the response time, we still want to hear from you.

If you have suggestions, defect reports, or other comments, click here


Yours in Scouting,

Mike Jenkins & Rodrigo Cano

Wood Badge 92-46, Bear Patrol

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