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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Cherokee District Spring 2006 Advance A Rama
Location Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Georgia  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
3/4/2006 7:30 A.M. 3/4/2006 3:30 P.M.
Open for Registration Last day to Register
2/1/2006   3/1/2006
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $5.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Northeast Georgia Cherokee Troop 326

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still ahve questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mr John Doyle MPA (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
American Heritage 1 1, 3, 410151 Mr Chip Wright
Art 1 None10$3160 Ms Lina Alvarez
Bird Study All day TBD10151 Mr Kris Irwin Faculty
Citizenship in the Community* 2 2, 310201
Citizenship in the Nation* All day 3, 4, 6, 7, 810201 Dr Jim Ledvinka
Communication* All day 1a, 1b,4, 510160 Dr Chuck Gruner
Crime Prevention All day 2, 3a, 3b10152 Ms Theresa Dale
Electricity All day High School Student14154 Mr Jim Spencer
Fingerprinting All day  1011 Ms Theresa Dale
First Aid* All day 1, 2b10120
Orienteering All day TBD10150 Mr Andrew Floyd
Personal Management* 2 Star Rank, 810161 Mr Eric McRae
Pottery 2 None10$4130 Ms Jorie Berman
Pulp and Paper All day TBD10153 Dale Greene PhD
Sculpture All day None10$5120 Mr Jim Buonaccosi Associate Professor
Space Exploration All day 1, 2, 610151 Mr Dale Autry
Swimming* All day 1, 3, 1010103 Mr John W. Doyle
Sponsor Information
The 2006 Cherokee District Spring 2006 Advance A Rama is sponsored by the Cherokee District, Northeast Georgia Council and are promoted via

For access to the Navy Supply Corps School, the vehicle driver must show a current driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

For more information regarding the Cherokee District Spring 2006 Advance A Rama, please see the Program Guide at

Event Schedule:
Check-in: 7:30 - 7:50
Assembly: 7:50
Morning colors: 8:00
Morning session: 8:15 - 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 - 12:30
Afternoon session: 12:30 - 3:30

Check in (day of event) by Troop is required. Failure to check out with the Registration Coordinator will result in no credit being awarded for attendance. The safety and security of our Scouts is out top priority!

The following Merit Badges classes are scheduled. Merit Badge classes are subject to change based on MB Counslor availability and class minimums.

American Heritage
Bird Study
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Crime Prevention / Fingerprinting
Electricity / Energy (restricted to high school age Scouts)
First Aid
Personal Management / Trail to Eagle
(Second part of class. First portion offered at Fall 2005 AAR)
Pulp and Paper
Space Exploration

The Full BSA Class A uniform is the offical uniform of the day.
Counselor Information
All Scouts must bring to class the following:
Merit Badge booklet
Merit Badge worksheet (
Any pre-requisite work
Pen and paper for notes

Many classes have pre-requisites which must be done if you wish to complete the badge during the class. Some classes also have age and/or rank requirements. Unless otherwise indicated, all other requirements for the Merit Badge should be covered in class. The Merit Badge Counselor will give credit for completed requirements ONLY.
Unit Sign-up Instructions
For questions or problems regarding registration, please contact the Registration Coordinator - Mrs June Starkey at 706 795 5084 or via email

As part of the registration process, each Troop is required to identify and provide an email address and telephone number for its AAR Coordinator and AAR On-site Contact (adult who will be present at the AAR).

When registering individual Scouts through the on-line registration system, the Troop AAR Coordinator is requested to provide an email address for each Scout. This will allow Merit Badge Counselors the ability to pass information pertaining to their classes prior to the AAR. In the spirit of BSA Youth Protection guidelines, please provide an email address for the Scouts parents rather than the individual Scout.

Troop completion reports will be provided to the Troop AAR Coordinator within five days of the AAR.

Please print two copies of the registration form, one to keep for your records and one to send in with your payment.
Payment Instructions for the Unit
Once registration is confirmed, Troops are requested to mail payment for particiaption and materials to:

Mr Kelvin Williams
NEGA Council
P.O. Box 399
Jefferson, GA 30549
Directions to the Event
From Atlanta, take Georgia 316 East to Athens. Be advised that GA 316 is heavily patrolled for speeders. Approaching Athens, you will cross GA 10 Loop. Reference after crossing GA 10 Loop will be a Home Depot on your right and a Lowe’s on your left. Cross Timothy Road (there is a stoplight). GA 316 merges right into Atlanta Highway. Reference point will be Peking restaurant on your right, Hobby Lobby on your left. Go to the third stoplight and turn left onto Hawthorne (there is a stoplight). Reference points will be MacDonald’s and Hampton Inn on your left. Continue on Hawthorne until intersection with Oglethorpe. Reference points will be a Salvation Army on your right followed by BP gas station on your right at the Hawthorne intersection. Turn right, cross the intersection of Sunset (there is a stoplight) and continue .3 mile. The Forrestal Gate will be on your left.

From Commerce. Approaching Athens on US 441 South, pass Country Rock Café on left, Sandy Creek Nature Center on right, and Bulldog Inn on right. Exit right onto North 129, 10 Loop, US 441 South. Look for NSCS sign on your right – take Exit 14 – sign indicates 129 North, Prince Avenue, Jefferson. At end of exit ramp turn lest at the stoplight. Cross Sunset – there is a stoplight. Reference point will be Texaco on your left. Turn right onto Oglethorpe at the next light. The Forrestal Gate is on Oglethorpe Avenue. This gate is the second on your right, 400 yards from the intersection of Prince and Oglethorpe.

From Jefferson. Approaching Athens on 129 South, pass Athens Country Club on your left. Cross 10 Loop. Cross Sunset – there is a stoplight. Reference point will be Texaco on your left. Turn right onto Oglethorpe at the next light. The Forrestal Gate is on Oglethorpe Avenue. This gate is the second on your right, 400 yards from the intersection of Prince and Oglethorpe.

From Madison/Greensboro. Approaching Athens on North US 129/North US 441/GA 15, reference points will be Racetrac on left, cross Spartan Lane at stoplight, cross White Oak Drive at stoplight. Turn right at stoplight onto 441 North/129 North/15 Norht/78 East/10 Loop. Exit right at Exit 6, Milledge Avenue. Turn left at the stoplight at the end of the exit onto Milldege. Reference points will be Fire Station Number 3 on the left at Lumpkin Street, cross Broad Street, there is a stoplight. When Milledge dead-ends at Prince, turn left. Reference point will be Athens Regional Medical Center on the left. Turn left onto Oglethorpe at stoplight. There is a sign for the Navy Supply Corps School on the left. The Forrestal Gate is on Oglethorpe Avenue. This gate is the second on your right, 400 yards from the intersection of Prince and Oglethorpe.
Release Information
I hereby assign and grant to the Boy Scouts of America the right and permission to use and publish the photographs/film/video tapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings made of me during the Spring 2006 Cherokee District Advance A Rama by the Boy Scouts of America, and I hereby release the Boy Scouts of America from any and all liability from such use and publication.

I hereby authoorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/video tapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of the Boy Scouts of America and I specifically waive any right to any compensation I may have for any of the foregoing.
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